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Kia ora and thanks for your interest. My name is Scott. I'm a bit of a weird guy that loves teeth and has dedicated probably a bit too much time to tooth-related things.

I am founder and owner of Smilecare ( a group of dental practices, mobiles and dental-related businesses that aim toward a vision of:

Working for and being active in the Community
Being as Affordable as possible
Comfortable and pain-free high quality work
Lots and lots of love and care and laughs (as much as possible anyway:)
You are welcome to contact me directly anytime

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Here is a summary of what Im up to☺ More detail is further below about each practice / business.

DentalcareWest General Anaesthetic Theatre
All-on-4 Clinic New Zealand

Epsom Dentalcare
Greenhithe Dentalcare
Mt Roskill Smilecare
Manukau Smilecare 
Mangere Smilecare                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Turuki Smilecare
Smilecare Mobiles 
Smilecare Pre-School Educational Program 
Smilecare Dental Laboratory

Smilecare Services
Smilecare Clinical Advisory Board
SmilePlan $1 per day Preventative Plans

Te Fab Lab

Smilecare Healthy Finance
Smilecare Productions 
Smilecare Patient Lead Gen
Smilecare BlackEdge
Smilecare Leadership Summits
NZ's Next Top Dentist Educational Program

SmilePlan Charitable Trust
SmilePlan Charity Dental Hospital
DentalcareWest Free Day

Auckland Dental Association
New Zealand Dental Association
Te Ao Marama Maori Dental Association.
New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
NZ Dentists Orthodontic Society
International Orthodontic Association, 
International Team Implantology
American Academy of Implant Dentistry
Australasian Osseointegration Society

My goal has been to partner with the communities in which we are so well supported.
Please email to discuss opportunities for partnership.

A bit about me:
Dr. Scott Waghorn is an experienced and highly respected dentist. He is the founder and currently leads Dentalcare West a practice that has cared for patients for 52 years and is one of the largest dental practices in New Zealand. He currently treats a large number of loyal patients and has particular experience in dealing with complex orthodontic and restorative cosmetic issues.
Scott's thorough and incisive understanding of the latest techniques and technology governing the practise of dentistry is often called upon, especially on complex subjects such as advanced restorative and orthodontic problems. He is a published author who is often sought to advise on dental business and best practice matters often involving the New Zealand Dental Service. He has given a number of presentations across the country on various dental subjects relevant to dentists including how to become a successful young dentist and modern orthodontic dentistry.
Scott qualified as a dentist in 2004. Before studying Dentistry he had attended and graduated from Palmerston North Boys High School. Scott was born in Palmerston North in 1981 to his parents Garry and Alison Waghorn. He moved to Auckland after graduating from Otago in 2004 and purchased Dentalcare West in early 2008. He continues to appreciate and reward the team of special people who make it an enjoyable and fun place to work. Since 2013 he has gone onto found, launch and purchase dental businesses and ideas that inspire and excite him!
When Scott is not involved with dentistry he enjoys spending time with his wife, Rachel and pre-school children Benny and Ruby. Scott plays tennis (not very well if you hit it to his backhand), golf to a 12 handicap and chases his kids around the garden being a scary monster. 
Scott loves to keep fit, eat his veges and looks for any opportunity to get better☺

Dentalcare West
Established by former All Black, Dr Keith Nelson, Dentalcare West has been caring for patients since 1965. In 2008, the clinic was purchased by Dr Scott Waghorn who later entered into a partnership with Dr James Philpott that has seen Dentalcare West grow to be one of New Zealand's largest dental practices. We're based in the heart of Glen Eden – you'll see our big sign as you drive down West Coast road. Our living garden running down the side of the building ties in with a stunning view of the Waitakere Ranges. Smilecare West is home to New Zealand's first 'All on 4' clinic, which offers permanent and reliable replacement for a full set of teeth. We have our own inbuilt theatre which allows us to offer 'sleep dentistry', where medication (such as general anaesthetic and intravenous sedation) is used to help patients relax.

DentalcareWest General Anaesthetic Theatre
In 2016 Dentalcare West unveiled it's very own hospital-grade, general anaesthetic theatre designed especially for advanced dental procedures.

Our specialist anaesthetists and anaesthetic team enable us to perform “Smilecare General Anaesthetic" using a modern and comfortable method total intravenous anaesthesia “TIVA", that involves you being put to sleep without gases (which makes you feel better once awake) and Bispectral index “BIS" monitoring to ensure you are at the perfect level of sedation during treatment.

All-on-4 Clinic New Zealand
As chairman and principal dentist of All On Four Clinic NZ, Dr. Scott is passionate about the benefits of the All-on-4 method of immediate dental implant restoration for patients with advanced dental disease, and for patients who want to avoid dentures or get rid of their dentures. Supported by an experienced team of surgical and support staff and skilled dental technicians, Scott performs All-on-4 and All-on-4 Plus dental implant reconstructions in Auckland.

Epsom Dentalcare

Epsom Dentalcare was originally established in 1994 as Alpers Dental by Dr John Burford. In 2013, Alpers Dental relocated, and the clinic was purchased and rebranded Epsom Dentalcare by Dr Scott Waghorn, with Dr Burford staying on as senior dentist. Situated on the border of Epsom and Newmarket, it's a handy location with plenty of parking behind the building. Dr. Burford is highly regarded with many years of experience in orthodontics, jaw disorders and snoring appliances. Epsom has a lovely 'home away from home' feel with all it's natural light coming through the roof. Epsom is also home to Mouth Matters, internationally trained experts providing a range of holistic techniques to improve or correct breathing and mouth functionality. It even has its own dental laboratory on-site, making it convenient if you need dentures, orthodontic plates or a mouthguard.

Greenhithe Dentalcare
Greenhithe Dentalcare was originally established in 2011 by Dr Nash Ibrahim. In October 2014 the clinic was sold to Dr Scott Waghorn and remains proud to be part of the Greenhithe community – a friendly harbour-side suburb on Auckland's North Shore that still has a village feel to it. Dr Talha Gul our Principal Dentist, continues that feel throughout the practice with warm and homely touches. Greenhithe Dentalcare has recently been refurbished and upgraded with the latest digital technology providing oral health solutions for the whole family.

Mt Roskill Smilecare
Mt Roskill Smilecare sits at the intersection of Dominion Rd and Mt Albert road, and has been looking after the community for over 70 years. Originally established in 1956 by Dr Alan Drury and then Dr William Connings in 1986, it eventually joined Mighty Mouth Dental under Dr John Falkiner in 2014. It offers early morning and evening appointments for those who can't come during working hours, and is even open on Saturdays. The team includes our bubbly, practice manager Barbie Stonex, as well as dentists Dr. David Chew and Dr. Eru McGregor and their support staff. Mt Roskill Smilecare uses the latest technology and provides great patient care that will make you feel right at home.

Manukau Smilecare

One of three dental practices previously known as Mighty Mouth Dental, Manukau Smilecare has been serving the community since 2001. 
In 1996 Mighty Mouth was set up to provide an extensive range of oral health services to pre-schoolers and adolescents in South Auckland. Prior to the launch of Mighty Mouth Dental, the then directors Dr John Falkiner and Dr George Laing provided dental care for 35 years from their own private dental practices to families across South Auckland.
In 2007 Mighty Mouth Dental expanded its services to formally include adult care at practices in Manukau and Mangere. In 2015 the Mighty Mouth group of clinics was bought by Dr Scott Waghorn, and was later rebranded Smilecare.
You'll find this practice on Bakerfield Place at the intersection of McDonald's and Manukau Hyundai, just a five-minute walk from Manukau Shopping Centre. Dr. Charlotte Pinto leads a dedicated team operating five dental surgeries and a state-of-the-art dental lab. Upstairs is our call centre and services team, who support all our Smilecare practices.

Mangere Smilecare

Mangere Smilecare has been looking after the community since 1996 when Drs John Falkiner and George Laing banded together to form Mighty Mouth Dental. Mangere Smilecare is located to the town centre beside the Family Doctors and Kowhai Café. You'll find plenty of free parking outside. Our team are experts in pain relief dentistry, and it's common to see them making room in their schedule for those unexpected walk-in patients. 

Smilecare Mobiles
In partnership with the Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) and Counties Manukau District Health Board (CMDHB), Smilecare Mobiles has become one of New Zealand's largest Oral Health Providers visiting around thirty-four schools and seeing over twenty-two thousand students across Auckland and Waikato. Many will have known us as Mighty Mouth with our big yellow mouse on the side of the mobile. However with our recent change to Smilecare we've given our mobiles a bright new look to compliment our teams passion of servicing and promoting good oral health in schools. The change even builds a closer connection to our practices where parents and the wider community can benefit from the same service.

Smilecare Pre-School Educational Program
Since 2007 our Pre-School Oralcare Education team delivers this program within 150 centres and to over 5000 students and staff. Prevention is so much better and less painful than cure; and this program specialises in teaching our young about teeth and mouths and how to care for them.

Smilecare Dental Laboratory
Smilecare Dental Lab is a state-of-the-art full service dental laboratory located in Manukau, Auckland. The lab prides itself on the personal touch and individualised service which is so important when doing tricky treatments! 
For those that like the details we have the latest Sirona X5 milling system specialising in highly aesthetic cosmetic restorations and complex implant supported rehabilitations. For the best dentures in the world we have the latest Ivobase Injection Moulding System and Ministar for our ortho appliances and bite splints.

Smilecare Services
Smilecare Services provides management and technical support to dental practices and teams across Auckland.

Smilecare Clinical Advisory Board
Smilecare Advisory Board is team of experienced clinicians that offer technical and hands on support to dentists both within and outside of Smilecare. As well as seeing his own patients directly, Dr Scott also sees a number of patients with complex treatment needs via referral, and donates his time to offer advice and support to other dentists that come across those unexpected tricky cases.

SmilePlan $1 per day Preventative Plans
Smileplan is a not-for-profit trust that offer a $1 per day dental membership plan with select Auckland dental practices. Dr Scott believes that all New Zealanders deserve strong, healthy teeth. Our goal is to look after your first tooth to your last and Smileplan offers everyone an opportunity to get regular treatments and check ups.

Te Fab Lab
Te Fab Lab is of a collaboration with Maori community leaders and elders looking for ways to offer quality, affordable dental care for Maori in a comfortable friendly environment. Under the Te Fab Lab banner, Dr Scott looks after patients at Dentalcare West as well as at Maraes across Auckland, using his fleet of Mobile units.