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Sawadee and welcome to Smilecare – Thailand edition!

A few years ago one of my patients returned from Thailand with 10 crowns and two root canal treatments.

Like many people, Sue had heard about the low-cost dental holiday packages available in Thailand. The advertisements promised high-quality care, so it seemed to make sense to enjoy a holiday and have her dental treatment done, all at a price lower than my estimate.

After six months, three of Sue’s crowns became sore and needed root canal treatments and all of her crowns developed black lines around the gum line. The work was okay quality, but the materials used were definitely sub-standard.

After one year, four of her other crowns loosened and Sue realised she would need to have most of her dental treatment re-done. The treatment provider in Thailand offered to replace the original crowns with ceramic crowns, however Sue would have to pay for her airfares as well as the difference on the more expensive ceramic crowns.

I decided I had to do something to prevent this happening again. Due to our practice size and buying power, I have been able to negotiate great rates with our crown suppliers as well as excellent material rates for all comprehensive dental care – sometimes up to 50-60% lower than usual dental prices!

So what does that mean for you? Not only are we able to give you the best price, but you can trust you’ll also get the best quality materials and the best quality care.

Reasons to choose us

  1. Affordable dental fees.
  2. High-quality treatment you can trust.
  3. All treatments are performed by myself or one of my New Zealand-registered dentists.
  4. A five-year workmanship warranty on all dental treatment.
  5. No service fee. Most dental-holiday companies charge $400 or more to find you a Thai dentist.
  6. No need to travel... we’re right here in Auckland.

Still not convinced? Send us your dental estimate for Thai dental treatment, and we’ll provide you with a FREE assessment. Or email me personally to discuss your dental needs.

See you soon,