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Smiles Are Free and That's Why We Love What We Do

In 1998, Smilecare (formerly Mighty Mouth Dental) was contracted by the District Health Board to provide on site oral health dental services on behalf of the Ministry of Health to improve the percentage of secondary schools students accessing quality dentalcare.  

We make it our goal to journey with you to ensure your smile is at it’s best through every stage of life. Smilecare Mobiles achieves successful outcomes for students, schools and key stakeholders by partnering and building key relationships to provide seamless access to quality, affordable dental care.

We operate with the highest level of integrity, safety, efficiency and privacy in our operation. All Smilecare staff working on our mobile units undergo a dynamic induction process which assures that they are constantly up to date with the current protocols for each of the schools we serve. Police vetting is mandatory and cctv cameras are positioned inside the Mobiles to safeguard both patients and staff. 

We are long time members of the New Zealand Dental Association and strictly adhere to best clinical practices and health and safety policies.

The process

Your child is entitled to an annual dental package every year up until they turn 18 years. We have partnered with your local District Health Board to provide onsite dental care and improve the adolescent uptake of these packages. Our programme aims at preventing and or reducing tooth decay.

What's my child entitled to?

Once enrolled with a dentist, your child is entitled to an annual dental check up package determined by the Ministry of Health, this includes the following:

  • One Dental consultation
  • X-rays and diagnosis where required
  • Other preventive treatments where required
  • Oral health education and advice to maintain healthy teeth and gums

How does it work?

We work with your local school to contact parents to inform them of our visit. We then touch base with parents to see if they would like their child seen on our mobile unit. If we have receive your consent, our Mobiles work closely with schools to see your child while ensuring that we minimize any learning disruptions. 

If there's any treatment required. We'll touch base with the parent again to discuss the diagnosis. We then seek permission of the parent again to proceed with treatment.