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Your orthodontic treatment starts with a personal consultation with one of our skilled principal dentists. During your consultation, we’ll talk about your concerns with your smile and what you hope to achieve.

Before going ahead, we’ll take X-rays, photographs and models of your teeth to help us plan your treatment. In some cases, we might decide to first monitor your dental development and growth before your treatment begins. 

Once we’ve thoroughly examined your teeth, we’ll explain why your teeth are causing problems and talk you through the treatment options. We won’t start any treatment until you’re totally happy with the plan and we’ve answered all your questions.

In general, orthodontic treatment involves applying light and sustained pressure on the teeth to move them into an ideal position. This may involve using removable plates, fixed braces or functional appliances. Treatment usually takes 18-24 months. We’ll need to see you regularly during this time to check your progress and make minor adjustments. Once your treatment is complete, you’ll need to wear a retainer overnight for some time to help keep your teeth in their new position.